The Word of God

The life guideline for us, Christians, is the Word of God.
To live by the Word of God means to read it every day, meditate on it and pray with its help.

Let us guess.
You don’t read the Word of God. Or you read it now and then and it resembles reading some sophisticated novel... Because nobody ever helped you to figure everything out.
And you would like to change that.
A lot of options...

There are a lot of webpages, channels and applications on the Internet that offer daily biblical readings, sermons, commentaries, etc.
But, for a reason things aren’t changing. A multitude of options, languages and calendars only complicates your choice, - there is no simple and clear offer that can give you everything you need.
... One solution

We want to offer you a new solution.
It combines biblical readings according to the Byzantine liturgical calendar (Gregorian or Julian), meditations on these readings, and a step-by-step guide for the meditation according to the Eastern Christian tradition (Lectio Divina). In your gadget, every day.
Will you give yourself another try to live by the Word of God?
To read the Bible
Traditionally, this is one of the greatest pastoral challenges. We understand that lay people often need help in daily meditation on the Word of God.
According to your calendar
Despite a large selection of materials, Greek-Catholics had few texts of daily meditations which corresponded to their native tradition. Till today. Now you can also choose the appropriate calendar (Gregorian, Julian, New Julian).
In a convenient format
Skynia Magazine offers you daily meditations on the readings taken from the Apostle and the Gospel according to the Byzantine liturgical calendar (UGCC) in the format of a newsletter (email, Telegram) in English or Ukrainian.
Also for parishes
We have prepared an offer for parishes and Bible groups also: in the form of a group email newsletter or a PDF file to print or download from your webpage.
Click here to see a sample of:
The digital format of meditations sets special requirements for the ease of the text use during your prayer. Everyone has their own preferences.
We got it!
Email Newsletter
A classic daily newsletter to your mailbox. The text of a meditation is sent not as a separate file, but in the body of an email letter, what allows you to read it immediately in your email app.
For those who prefer social networks to emails, we have created a Telegram channel. No spam or comments from others, - only a biblical text and meditation. This option is the best for those who don’t want to overload their mailbox.
PDF file
A special offer for parishes and groups!
We will send you a file with the texts for a week or month to share through your website. Choose the best subscription plan for you.
About Skynia Magazine
Skynia Magazine is published with the purpose to help readers meet the Lord in the Bible.
This is why on most pages of the magazine our readers can find daily meditations on the Word of God, - biblical readings according to the liturgical calendar of the UGCC. These meditations are the fruit of the personal prayer of their authors: priests, nuns, and laity, who strive to live in the rhythm of the life of the UGCC, trying to tackle present-day issues.
From now on we want to share these meditations with our English-speaking readers.
“We always try to read, explain and understand the Scriptures in the Church and with the Church. In other words, it is this community that gave birth to these books and indeed holds the key to their authentic and true understanding." — His Beatitude Sviatoslav
Individual subscription
Payment can be made monthly or for the whole year.
By the way, first 14 days are totally free! Enjoy!
Basic Plan
per month (USD)
Standard Plan
per month (USD)
Telegram Plan
per month (USD)
For parishes and groups
Choose your option:
  • You can upload to your website a PDF file with the meditations from Skynia Magazine so that parishioners or members of your community could easily download it and you could print it for distribution on Sunday Liturgy.
  • Or we will send you a QR code and a button/banner for your webpage with a link to a registration form of a special email newsletter for your parishioners or community members.
Payment can be made monthly or for the whole year. By the way, the first month for each plan is totally free! Enjoy!
Basic Plan
per month (USD)
Standard Plan
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Maximum Plan
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You can support our mission!
With gratitude we pray for all our benefactors
If you have any questions or suggestions, please, write them to our manager Iryna:
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